Choosing The Right Solar Panel Installation Professional

installing solar panels in a roof

Choosing The Right Solar Panel Installation Professional

Choosing to use a natural renewable source of energy in your home is the best decision one can ever make in regards to environment conservation. It is said that cheap is expensive and so the cost incurred during installation should not matter because for you to get the quality result, you need to be prepared to pay the price otherwise you will have to suffer the pain of regret.
For you to enjoy, solar energy several measures have to be made during installation of the solar panels which will tap energy from the sun. For your solar panels to work and reach its maximum potential, you need the hand of a professional installer. For the best tips on choosing the right solar panel installation professional click here.

How do you tell your guy is a professional?

1. Is your installer licensed?

landscapeEvery Tom Dick and Harry can fix a solar panel on your roof, but only a licensed installer can fix it right and ensure that you are getting the best energy production out of your solar panels and minimal energy loss. So ensure a certified and accredited person is doing your installation.

2. What are the gadgets the installer is using?

By gadgets, I mean Panels and inverters. For you to identify someone who knows what he is doing, the person should be in a position to tell you what are the equipment’s they are using, so take the time to ask what are the gadgets the installer is using and if possible let him explain to you how they work. If he is a professional, he will take the time to tell you which are the best converters or the best panels and advocate that you get the best.

3. How about insurance and warranty

Just pop up this question to your installer and hear him out, “How long is the warranty?” If he talks of less than five years then that may be a crook for a professional will assure you of long lasting products and services and if he assures you of about 15 years or even more of warranty then have no worry for you will enjoy so many years before any complication emerges

4. How much outsourcing is taking place?

solar cellProfessionals who have dealt with installation for decades will always have minimal outsourcing of products; probably they own a store that deals with solar related products. I would advocate that you go for someone who will come with everything he requires and your only work will be to pay for everything other than you run to the store and get the gadgets moving from one store to another. You might end up spending more or purchasing counterfeit products.