Different Types Of Bathroom Vanity Units

under mount sink

Different Types Of Bathroom Vanity Units

A bathroom vanity is a must-have for the home. You may choose to have a regular one or a stylish one. A more stylish one may be very expensive in the long run as compared to a regular looking one. Most modern families focus on the aesthetic value of the bathroom and are therefore inclined to choosing one that is stylish over a conventional vanity unit. The Bathroom Vanity Units are a must have in all the modern apartments. You may get the services of an interior bathroom decorator or a contractor to help you in the choice of a suitable bathroom for your bathroom and your bathroom needs.

Types of bathroom vanity units that are available;

Pedestal sink

Pedestal sinkA free-standing sink is the other name of a pedestal sink. A pedestal sink occupies small space in the bathroom, looks cool, neat and nifty in the bathroom. The market is flooded with many designs of the pedestal sink which come in different styles shapes and sizes. If you have a shower theme ensure that the pedestal sink that you choose fits into the topic to create harmony and balance in design.

Free standing vanities

A free-standing vanity is a combination of a pedestal sink and a vanity. A usual pedestal sink is not fitted with any cabinet for storing any items. A free-standing vanity has generous space for storage of your personal bathroom items. Irrespective of the extra drawers installed a free standing vanity can also be beautiful and suit your bathroom’s theme color.

Wall mounted sink

Wall-mounted sinks are getting familiar with time. It looks great and has sufficient space for the bathroom essentials. However, it is vulnerable to being pulled and pushed and runs the risk of falling over with time; this factor makes it not as durable as other types of sinks.

Vanity and vessels sink

The vessel and vanity sink are a good alternative to the old school vanity and sink. They are however very expensive and occupy a lot of space. The container and vanity sink does not fit in any bathroom, the vessel and vanity sink is limited to particular types of bathroom designs.

Under mount sink

Pedestal sinkThe under-mount sink is contemporary and looks very classy altogether. The under-mount sink is very posh and an elegant bathroom addition as it increases the aesthetic needs of the bathroom. However, the space required to have an under-mount sink is not at the disposal of mist homeowners. The table top of the under-mount sink is also required to be together marble or granite, making it very expensive and not readily available for most individuals. However, it can be an excellent addition to any household.