Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Builder

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Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Builder

You have probably spent several months planning for a new swimming pool. Maybe you know where you want it and the shape it will take. However, who should you hire to build your dream pool? Denali Pools can help you have the swimming pool of your dreams. This post aims to simplify the process by providing tips to consider.

Do Your Research

A swimming pool is a significant investment. You need to ensure that it is installed as required. It is a good idea to check your neighbors who have inground pools and ask them about their experiences. In most instances, they can recommend reliable contractors and tell you who to avoid. Also, you should check different websites and consumer forums for additional recommendations and insights. It is advisable to consider hiring a pool builder near your home.

Check References

You should talk to at least five contractors when looking for estimates. If a contractor is ready to provide you with a list of past clients, that is a good sign. Even if you are given a small list, you should not necessarily disqualify the contractor, but you should ask some pertinent questions to ensure references are legitimate.

Investigate the Business

You should look closely at the business before you contact BBB to check whether there are any complaints against the pool building company. Also, you will want to find out whether the company is a member of a professional association. Make sure you check the local regulations on pool construction and ensure the contractor is insured and bonded.

Go with Your Gut

First impressions can be quite wrong. However, you do not want to spend several dollars on the wrong company. If you believe something is not right with a given pool contractor, then you have good reasons to be cautious. These are some of the red flags you ought to look for:

  • Companies offering unrealistically low estimates
  • Contractors pressuring to make quick decisions
  • Asking for a large deposit of money upfront
  • Pressuring you to make quick decisions

Lack of professionalism

Before you sign a contract with a pool construction company, ensure you visit the company’s place of business. Look at how the contractor operates and runs the day-to-day business. That will give you an idea of how they will perform the job. However, if the contractor does not have a place of work, that is a red flag.

Protecting Your Investment

You have probably heard of horror stories about some poorly constructed swimming pools. Although unexpected issues can arise, experienced professionals know how to handle them.

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